Identifi is an innovative media company that coined the moniker, "Management Studio". We build and nurture brands from all perspectives - from corporate brands to personal brands by harnessing the power of captivating content.


Baker Mayfield"Next Level : Behind Baker"

Management Studio

Identifi is breaking the mold in sports media and entertainment with its new model as a "Management Studio" for athletes and entertainers. Coming off a hugely successful debut of its original series, "Next Level: Behind Baker", Identifi is reloading with great new content already in production with Todd Gurley of the LA Rams, Trae Young who was just selected #5 in the NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks and several others.

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"All the way up: Baker Mayfield"Fox Sports Films

"The 1ST Trae"Coming Soon

"NEXT LEVEL: Behind Baker"Baker Mayfield

Todd Gurley'Gone Gurley' - Coming Fall 2018

  • Identifi is bringing to the table what players really need now more than ever.- Al Harrington

  • This is the future.- Dwight Freeney

What We do

Brand & Media Management

Trusted advisors to athletes and enternainers

Growth Through Content

Diversify careers through content production, licensing, sponsorship, film and TV


We are gurus in branding, PR, social media and all aspects of marketing

Tech Arm

We know a thing or two about using tech to build and grow businesses

Elevating Personal Brands

Michael Jordan
Charlotte Hornets owner and NBA Hall of Famer

With trails blazed by the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and David Beckham, there are countless avenues for pro athletes to evolve into business icons — whether from long-term brand partnerships, content, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, savvy investing – or all of the above. The common thread we believe in is developing and embodying a brand. Public perceptions and new media opportunities have evolved. Athletes no longer represent merely endorsement value, but rather a "lifetime brand value."

Unlike traditional firms that focus on reactive deal making, Identifi guides athletes to discover, build, and profit from their bespoke personal brand. Identifi has built a platform of people and proprietary technologies to custom tailor and maximize results for each and every client. To succeed today, brands must be agile and embrace two contradictory strategies—honoring core tenets while evolving to stay fresh and relevant.

Baron DavisProfessional Basketball Player - Uncle Drew Commercial

Maximize your potential

You do everything you can to be the best on the court and the field – we can take it from there.

Every member of Identifi can rely on the family at every stage of their development and career. From draft-prep past retirement – we are there for you every step of the way. We are master dealmakers, navigate complex negotiations and think far outside the box to maximize your potential in life.

Premium Partnerships

Identifi maintains trusted and long-standing relationships across major pro leagues, media companies and Fortune 500 brands. We have represented a wide range of clients from NBA team owners, elite athletes and companies leveraging sports marketing to build their brands.

We throw our creative and assertive approach into each and every partnership to create big wins.

Sacramento KingsNaming Rights - Spencer Gordon
Jordan BrandCustom Partnership - Aaron West


George Kenneth Griffey Jr.Former Professional Baseball Outfielder

Identifi places a distinct emphasis on the relationship rather than the transaction. We value the well-being of our clients above all else and give you unmatched personal service. Our philosophy is to foster a family culture centered on loyalty and trust.

We take time to build camaraderie with and among our clients, provide education in their areas of interest, foster passions and give back to world in meaningful ways. We take pride in building not just a team, but a family.


Most athletes are underserved by their agents or managers. Are you looking for something better? Is your team disjointed? Are they delivering on their promises? Are you achieving all of your career and personal goals? Unsure what a manager even does?

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Why Identifi?

Player salaries and marketing revenues are soaring. Pro athletes today are becoming their own individual enterprises. Money and opportunity is everywhere.